TV Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix Right Now

I hate January-wow that’s a positive start to a blog post. But the weather is colder and I think I get a little bit of the Christmas blues, it is now not acceptable to be in your pyjamas for the majority of the week because work and commitments get in the way again. Its two weeks into the month, the regrets of eating too much and the thoughts of how much exercise will I have to do to burn all that cheese off starts filling your brain. I am, however, continuing to do things that I love to help during this time. As a little pick me up, I thought I would share with you the TV shows that I am/have enjoyed recently so that we can have our Sunday pyjama binge watch day at least.

TV Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix Right Now

TV Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix Right Now

#1 Stranger Things

When a boy vanishes into a mysterious supernatural place and strange things start happening. The upside down has all sorts of weird and thrilling things happen. Barbs and Bob will always be my heroes! That’s all I am saying-no spoilers.

What an amazing, gripping TV show that will get you hooked on the first ever episode! I am a huge lover of supernatural/thriller TV shows, I like to be hooked and when things start becoming unpredictable, that’s when it gets interesting. I think this show is brilliant and the acting is phenomenal. I really love Eleven played by Millie Bobbie Brown. I miss her so much in the second series but she comes back in the end episodes and is such a badass. All the children actors are amazing though, I cannot get over how talented they are, and they are definitely going a long way.

#2 Riverdale

I am obsessed with this TV series; it’s another Netflix Original. This was also mentioned in my Sit Around Sunday blog post in December, but it is still a one to watch. The first season was about trying to find out who killed Cheryl Blossom’s brother, then season 2 is focused on who is the black hood.

This TV show is unpredictable and it’s so easy to be hooked on the first episode, you always want to go back for more. My favourite character is Jughead, he doesn’t really fit in anywhere but he is a little mysterious. I think his intentions are in the right place but it doesn’t always go to plan. I really think that we haven’t seen all the sides of Betty, we have seen snippets but I think there is more to be revealed shortly.

stranger things

#3 Gossip Girl

The TV show where you follow the elite’s lives and all their scandalous behaviour and Gossip Girl continues to spread the dirt and make their lives difficult. I never thought I would like this program when I first watched it, I was just putting in the background when I was completing university work because I need some background noise. Then I noticed not much uni work was getting done.

I started out really like Serena and Dan and routing for them all the way, as the episodes went on I was such a Blair and Chuck fan and thought Serena and Dan were so annoying. Blair and Chuck make that TV show; they are both sly and like to play games. I think they add all the best storylines to the show. There up and down relationship is also great to watch, you just want them both to admit that they like each other already!

#4 The Vampire Diaries

I love this TV show and so glad that the whole thing is on Netflix. When Damon AKA Ian Somerhalder comes on the screen with those adorable expressive eyes, you know you are in it for the long haul. Throughout the TV show, you follow the diary of Elena as she explores a life of supernatural activity and romance.

I was obsessed with this TV show since the beginning and the whole triangle between Elena, Damon and Stephen is a great storyline #teamdamon- obviously! Caroline is a lovely character to see change over the series, she starts off as one of the worst and towards the end, she becomes a great independent woman and I really loved seeing her.

Gossip Girl
The Vampire Diaries

#5 The Originals

I haven’t seen all of these yet, and I am definitely going to watch them this year. I loved the first season and having some of The Vampires from TVD, it makes it so much more interesting as you already know Klaus, Elijah and Rebecca and seeing their characters being explored more is brilliant.

I have loved Klaus’ character, he gives off this evil side, and trust me, he is evil, but I don’t think he always has, from seeing some of his scenes from TVD with Caroline, he is capable of love and good things. I think he is misunderstood!

#6 The Big Bang Theory

Who would have thought that watching a group of friends eat take away food and read comic books would be as successful as it is? I love seeing their characters develop and the wittiness of the script is brilliant. Sheldon is by far my favourite; he acts out the character impeccably.

I have to admit that the first 3 seasons are my favourite, there is something adorable about Sheldon learning about social skills, and Penny trying to think more deeply about the world. The on again off again relationship between Leonard and Penny has a little bit of the Ross/Rachel feel from Friends (which is another fave series). I find Howard and Bernadette a little annoying in the latest series, anyone else feels that way?

The Originals
The Big Bang Theory

#7 Gilmore Girls

An oldie but a goodie. This TV show follows the lives of a mother and daughter as they go through Yale, running their own Inn and all their relationship dramas with boys and the Grandparents.

I don’t think I could decide between Lorelai or Rory, I love them both, although there is a stage where Rory falls out with her mum and drops out of Yale- and I don’t like her for a couple of episodes- but she comes round and I like her again! But when she was choosing between Dean or Jess it was #teamjess for me, all the way!

#8 Friends

OMG! I nearly died when I saw this on Netflix in 2018! I know how I am spending January! It follows a group of friends through their relationships, friendship issues and their life. It’s funny, witty and I have loved this TV show for as long as I can remember. I love Chandler and Joey’s bromance. Who wouldn’t love a friendship like that? The Ross and Rachel’s on and off relationship was such a huge part of the show, and I was always rooting for them.

I would love to think I am as pretty and fashionable as Rachel, but I think I am the goofy Phoebe, which is no bad thing. She’s funny, caring and I definitely need to learn not care about what other people think about me, more.  

Gilmore Girls

Hopefully, these give you the all-day pyjama loving day as they do for me and take some time out of your busy schedule to watch some of your favourite TV shows. I think it’s needed especially at this time of year- when I hate the thoughts of being outside. And plus, you need to watch them all now so that you can tell me your thoughts on some of these.

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