Eating All The Mince Pies, Spending Time With Family & Santa's Coming To Town

I have always thought Christmas was a special time of the year even before I fully understood why it's celebrated by so many people. I love the idea that family get together to indulge in ridiculous amounts of turkey and having so much food left over that you have some for at least a week after. You get to open presents with other people in the room, seeing their response and facial expression to the gift you have brought them and just cosying up on the sofa to all the festivity that will be on our screens for the whole day.

Meaning and routine of Christmas

Eating All The Mince Pies, Spending Time With Family & Oh yeh, I forgot to mention... Santaaa Is Coming To Town! 

I have always loved Christmas and there are many reasons why I think they have changed considerably since I was a child though (because that was mainly presents) but now I know that it is so much more than that.

10 Reasons Why I love Christmas

#1 Mince pies

mmm, there isn't anything more I need to say about this! I could eat them all (but then I would be the pig in the blanket)! 

#2 Stockings

 I don't know how something so simple of filling an oversized sock up with presents makes me so happy!

#3 Christmas decorations

 I love decorating the whole house with different colour schemes in each room, although I hate putting them away. My excuse for not putting Christmas decorations away now is that I broke out old Christmas tree when I packed it up last time (works every time). I also love going to see the Christmas lights being turned on in my nearest city, the ones in London are also really special. 

#4 Christmas songs

Santaaaaaaaaa clause is coming to town....

Why i love Christmas

#5 Christmas movies

ALL OF THEM, I love all Christmas films, the cheesier the better. And, I start watching them in November, and what??

#6 Pantomimes


#7 Wrapping presents

I love finding pretty ribbons and getting different coloured wrapping paper. Although how do you wrap wine bottles? I haven't got the hang of that yet, definitely, prefer drinking what's in them.

#8 Surprise

The faces your friends and family make when they open up all their gifts!

#9 Christmas markets

 I love looking at different craft stalls, buying some Christmas goodies and eating all the food, the food is so good. So much festivity in one place!

#10 Keydales Garden Centre

I have always gone to the same garden centre every year over Christmas because it has Christmas decorations, a winter wonderland walk and everything festive all in one space and it's magic!

Why do you love Christmas?

routine of Christmas

So What's My Christmas Day Routine You Ask?

Well, I always wake up and put my dressing gown on before heading downstairs to get my breakfast and grab a blanket and cuppa tea while I enjoy my breakfast. I love Christmas morning because the tree is looking gorgeous and we always switch it on in the morning- which we don't tend to do on the other days- and the stockings are filled right to the top- that's my favourite present part- I love little cute gifts.

When I was little I would get up ridiculously early like 4 am in the morning- I know, poor parents- but I was so excited to see if Santa had come. I remember my brother always waking me up to tell me that he had been and I should go downstairs to see how many presents we had. My parents were always telling us that we couldn't open our presents until everyone was awake but we were allowed to open our stockings- maybe that's why I have always loved stockings.

So after breakfast, I would go and have a shower and make sure I put on my Christmassy jumper because what better day to wear it than on the actual day itself, I put some makeup on and then when everyone is downstairs we all open our presents together. We have always opened our presents in the morning- I know some people open them after dinner, but I don't think I have enough willpower to wait that long!

Christmas routine

When I was little me and my brother would rip out presents so fast because we were too excited. I remember one year when we got a bicycle each and felt disappointed when my parents hadn't tried to wrap it up at all- how is it Christmas without unwrapping presents? Another year my brother decided to stack our presents to see which one of us had more and that obviously meant that Santa loved them more than the other one. Thankfully my mum came down before my brother had finished stacking them and took them down. And anyways Santa loved us both equally anyway- duh.

So after all the present shenanigans it's a glass of sherry time- Christmas Day is the only good explanation to start drinking before lunchtime- I'm not normally a morning drinker. Then we have our grandad and uncle pop over ready for our Christmas meal- that we normally have at lunchtime. It's lucky we only have a small family- it means that we don't have to cook for too many people than we usually do.

When we feel like we have eaten a whole bird, we all gather around the TV and watch all the Christmassy stuff we all decide to watch on the telly. It's such a chilled day in our house, which I'm so grateful for because I love those lazy days. Most of the time we are all too full to have pudding, but if we did want some we normally have that around dinner time- or if that fails, there is always room for more wine.

Whats your Christmas Day routine?

Christmas meaning/routine

My Meaning Of Christmas

So when I was little the meaning of Christmas was definitely associated with Santa and the fact he would give us presents. By now it's so much more than that- it's about spending time with your family and making the most out of their company and having many laughs along the way. I still love the present exchanging aspect of Christmas to just say that little thing about your thinking about them and you hope they like what you have brought them. The whole day is brilliant and I have always loved Christmas. It's my favourite time of year.

What does Christmas mean to you?