Goals For 2018

I can’t believe 2018 is around the corner, this year seems to have flown by. There have been many up and down moments as with most years, but for some reason, this year has been far more of a down year than up. To be honest I am glad that we can say goodbye to 2017. Some good things that I am proud of or glad I did that happened this year are:

· I went self-hosted on the blog- wahoo!

· I went to see Collabro-OMG they were amazing!

· I qualified as a teacher

· Had a lovely holiday with the family

goals for 2018

Goals for 2018


My only goal that I want to focus on was to keep creating useful content and being consistent with my blogging schedule. I need to think about how this will work when I start a job full time (so it may have to go down to once a week). I ultimately just want to keep producing content that I enjoy and hope others will too. I want to bring some more of my personality and just grow my own voice through my writing. This can be harder said than done as soon as you start comparing yourself to others.

I want to also bring some art challenges or something over to my blog so that I start drawing at least for 10 minutes every day because that what makes me happy and I want to do more things in my day that make me happy. Everything gets so busy when you start work and it feels that your self-care gets put last when really you should be putting your wellbeing above anything else. Of course, you will be able to take part in these challenges too, if you want to, that is.

So my goals for next year will be:

· Create content I love

· Post consistently and keep to a realistic schedule

· Comment on other people’s blogs

goals 2018

Social media

I think I got too caught up in the whole numbers thing and that made me want to posts things that I would not have normally posted if I didn’t worry so much about what people wanted me to write about. I want to just post things that interest me and I am sure that people who are interested will come to me that way. Obviously, I do need to have a social media strategy and I am going to invest in Pinterest scheduler- BoardBooster, as soon as I get a job. I think the power of Pinterest is huge and that is where my ideal audience is.

I obviously want to keep growing but I am going to focus less on this and more on the content I produce which is why I started blogging in the first place. This also added so much unnecessary pressure that I don’t need to be putting on myself. I just need to make sure I am enjoying what I am doing and then readers will follow. If you already are a reader of this blog then I am eternally thankful for your support, it means the world to me!

Social media goals are:

· Pinterest schedule and strategy in place

· Keep creating content I love on to these platforms

goals 2018


I am really rubbish at keeping to new year resolutions so I am not going to make any this year, as I know I am just setting myself up to fail, so why do that to myself? So I am going to make goals that I have already started to implement these my lifestyle and want to continue to do so in the near future.

My Personal goals are:

· Keep exercising twice a week

· Continue with yoga once a week

· Self-care at least once a week

· Draw once a week

goals 2018


I am so glad I made the jump to a self-hosted website this year and I am so pleased how far it has come in this short space of time. I am so excited to see what this blog will look like this time next year! Thank you for supporting this little corner of the internet and I will see you in the new year!

What are your goals for 2018?