Our Christmas Traditions

There's nothing better than having Christmas traditions, they make the time that much more special and you look forward to it every year! I have many Christmas traditions with my family where we go to this amazing winter walk at my local garden centre, Christmas markets and look at all the Christmas decorations. 

christmas traditions

Our Christmas Traditions

#1 Listen to Christmas Music Whilst putting Up The Christmas Tree

This is a must at Christmas time and putting up the tree is one of my favourite parts of Christmas as it just makes the house look all festive. I always decide on the colour themes and how it should be put up in my house. 

#2 Satsuma 

For as long as I can remember, I always got a satsuma in my stocking, maybe it was Santa's way of telling me that I needed to eat more fruit. 

#3 Sherry

Always have some Sherry for breakfast, the only time of the year that it's acceptable to drink in the morning, it's great! 

#4 Christmassy Animals

I love seeing animals and going to visit some of these lovely animals at garden centres or Christmas markets are my favourite thing to do, so cute! There were donkeys, goats, pigs and reindeer. They were raising money for a charity to help those animals that are suffering, so obviously, we gave as much as we could to that.

#5Christmas Decorations

I love looking at Christmas decorations and getting some more little trinkets to add to our Christmas collection as well. It always puts me into the Christmas spirit, and I cannot wait to start my own collection when I finally move out of my parent's house. 

#6 Christmas Displays

I love going around the winter wonderland walk (there's a magical one at my local garden centre), it definitely gets you into the Christmassy mood, there was also a scene of a Christmassy Hogwarts!

#7 Christmas Markets

We always end up going to a Christmas market at some point during the Christmassy months of the year. I love going to see handmade crafts, eating all the food and drinking mulled wine.  It can't get more Christmassy than that! 

#8 Grinch & Elf 

I did write a Christmas film list of all the films I love to watch at Christmas. But these two films we watch every year because they are our favourites and the whole family can watch these without arguing, so that's always a bonus. 

christmas traditions
christmas traditions

All these traditions make Christmas so special because we do this every year. What are your Christmas traditions?