Accessories Gift Guide For Her

I am such a huge fan of accessories from handbags to shoes. I don't think you can go wrong with these at Christmas. I thought I would do a couple of luxury items in this guide too, just in case you have some extra cash to splash this Christmas! I have added everything from shops that I love and have already shopped at. They include:

#1 Fiorelli , #2 New Look, #3 H&M, #4 Accessorize, #5 Pandora

This is not a sponsored post, these are just brands that I have used and continue to use to this day. 

Accessories Gift List For Her

Accessories Gift List

#1 Fiorelli Handbag

To start with the luxury item of this gift guide I have included this bag from Fiorelli.  This handbag is so cute and I am tempted to buy it for myself. It can be used as a shoulder bag as well as a clutch bag. I love those handbags that can be used in more than one way. It is also in a gorgeous deep purple colour which will really be a statement when you go out for any Christmas meals. 

#2 Pandora Bracelet

I think this Pandora Bracelet is a perfect gift for someone who is a Disney lover, and as one myself I absolutely love this gift. It is on the pricey side but if you have you have a special person to give this too, or yourself, then I think it is worth it!

#3 H&M Scarf

Here is the first item of the more affordable products that I have included in this gift guide. I love the colours of this scarf and it is a great gift as the weather will be turner even colder in January.  It says it is woolly and soft and I do think that this could be a great gift for this winter.

#4 H&M Bobble Hat

You can't have a scarf without a woolly hat! I love hats with a bobble as well they are just so cute. I think this dark grey one is the perfect colour and will go with the scarf that I have chosen as well, I never match scarfs and hats- I don't think it looks right- and grey is so neutral it will go with anything. 

#5 Accessories Purse

I have to have a large purse, I like to be able to fit all my cards (that I probably don't need) in the pouches. The dark blue colour is also gorgeous and I do love darker colours when it is the autumn/winter. I love purses from Accessorise too, as they seem to last a while before getting all shabby, so it is worth your money. 

#6 New Look Ankle Boots

I am an ankle boot lover and I think they are a perfect for any outfit, whether it's a skirt, dress or trousers! I think everyone needs some boots for the colder weather to keep your feet warm- I can't be the only person who hates cold feet! They come in a tan colour or black, I personally prefer the tan colour, as I always buy black and I like receiving something I would not normally buy.

I am in love with all of these gifts, might have to give it to my mum to look at! What accessory gifts are you buying for your family/friends this year?