Paper Chase Stationery Gift List

As a stationery obsessed I thought it would be good to gather up a list of items that you could give to a loved one this year as the holidays are coming up. It is great to receive notebooks and planners to start the new year right. Paper Chase has been my favourite stationery store since forever, even if I don't have anything to buy I always walk in just to have a look. I think their products are beautiful and they put so much thought into what they sell, especially with their notebooks. 

Paper Chase Stationery Gift List

This is not a sponsored, I just love the products at Paper Chase and think that they are of a high quality.

Paper Chase Gift List

#1 Scrapbook

I love a scrapbook, they are great to use as a place to stick photographs to remember all the good times that you have with friends and family. You could even fill out some pages for your loved one already so that they can remember all the great times that they have had with you. Then they can keep filling it up during Christmas and into the new year!

#2 Notebook

It is always useful to have a notebook lying around. They are great for jotting down any ideas, they may even want to start bullet journaling. I loved the colour of this notebook also, you can also personalise it, to give it that extra personal touch.

#3 Pencil Case

Can we just take a minute to digest how gorgeous the colour of this pencil case is? Rose gold is my favourite colour at the moment, and if I wasn't so skint, I'd probably buy this for myself. Pencil cases are always useful, they could be a brilliant stocking filler too, it's great to have a couple of pens in your handbag so you can take it to work or university. 

#4 Pen Storage Holder

Pen holders are so useful for your desk, either at home or in your office. I think it is so important to have a tidy desk space and pens can ruin the tidiness. This pen holder looks modern and a gold is a bold colour so that it brightens up any dull space. 

#5 Staedtler Fine Liner Pens

These pens are so useful, and they can be great for writing and artwork. It is useful for brightening your notebook. A splash of colour always helps a gloomy day. If you can get that through writing in pink for the day why wouldn't you do that? Again, another good stocking filler gift!

#6 2018 Diary

A diary is always useful for anyone to start planning their appointments and social life. Let your loved one start planning to have a brilliant start to 2018. It is also rose gold which is perfect! This could be another stocking filler or a present with other stationery items like pens so that they can start the year off with a bang. 

These are the Paper Chase gift ideas that I have absolutely loved! What would you give to your loved ones?