Top 10 Romantic Movies For A Girls Night In

The nights are drawing in and the weather is getting colder, so what better than to have a cosy evening where you binge watch some romantic movies with your gal pals. I am normally a sucker for RomComs they are my go-to movie because they are light-hearted, funny and don’t require much thinking. I like to escape when watching films so having something too complicated just isn’t something I like to do. Unless I am in the mood for it! I can watch RomComs any day of the week 24/7.  I will try not to put any spoilers in, for those of you who haven’t seen these movies.

Top 10 Romantic Movies For A Girls Night In

Top 10 Romantic Movies For A Girls Night In

#1 The Notebook

My all-time favourite film in the Romance genre; it has all the feels! There are highs and lows which you seem to go through with them on their magical journey of meeting, splitting up and finally meeting again. I think this is one of the best romance stories ever. I think everyone needs a Noah in their life. And Ryan Gosling is good too!

#2 10 Things I Hate About You

I love Katarina Stratford, her take no nonsense from anyone attitude is amazing #girlboss. She ends up finding love in the most interesting way, you wouldn’t have thought she would go for it but she eventually does. Her poem at the end when she stands in front of the class is such a tear-jerking moment (if you cry at films, which I rarely do) but you can totally feel so emotional at that part.

#3 Bridget Jones’ Diary

This is a great film to watch if you want a pick me up, this film has saved me on numerous occasions. I watched it when my ex and I broke up and it is great to just have the laugh out loud till your belly hurts moments! It is such a great cure when you are feeling low. If Bridget can find her Mr Right than anyone can!

#4 How to lose a guy in 10 days

This is great film where one side is trying to make the other fall in love with them and the other is trying to lose that person. It is funny and completely crazy some of things they do to each other. The ideal feel-good movie, which will be able to release any stress that you’ve obtained from your busy week.

10 romantic movies to watch

#5 Love Actually

This is the perfect film for this time of year; it will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit. I don’t think there is such a thing as ‘too early’ to start with the feel-good Christmas vibes. This film will definitely put you in that mood, the little boys storyline is by far my favourite, it is the CUTEST thing ever!

#6 Clueless

I always wanted to be Cher when I was little, her wardrobe and her matching outfit computer software is ultimate #fashiongoals. She was so cool and didn’t even need a license to drive a car. Who wouldn’t want to be her! I love the storyline too; it is so cute and will give you all the feels.

#7 Beauty and the Beast

I am talking about the most recent film not the Disney movie. As Disney movies need a whole post on themselves (as I am a huge Disney fan) I wanted to add in this one for the Romance part of it. What a beautiful storyline and Dan Steven’s song Evergreen is just the most beautiful song EVER. And cannot forget to mention Emma Watson, she has a voice of an angel and plays this part so well!

#8 It’s a boy girl thing

When a boy and girl switch places and have to teach each other their skills so that they can get into university and win a rugby match. It is funny, light-hearted and one of those ones that you can watch over and over again and still love it!

10 romantic movies

#9 He’s Not That Into You

Based on the book, He’s not that into you is a film about why guys don’t commit, call you back etc.  And the ultimate reason is that he’s not that into you. It is so true! But then love happens between two people that aren’t that into each other to begin with but then get to know each other and they change their mind.

#10 The Holiday

What a festive movie to get us in the mood for all things Christmas. When love ends for two ladies and they decide to switch houses turns out to be the best decision they ever made! It’s cheesy, girly and I love it.

What RomComs do you love to watch with your gal pals?