5 Essential Fashion & Beauty Items For Autumn

I wrote a post about essential items you need for a cosy bedroom, but today I thought I should write one about Autumn fashion and beauty bits that I get out at this time of year. I do love Autumn, especially because the leaves are changing colour, blankets come out and hot drinks are even more delightful when it is cold! Oh, I do love a cuppa. 

5 Essential Beauty & Fashion items for Autumn

5 Essential Fashion & Beauty Items For Autumn

Woolly hats, scarfs & Gloves

I am a lover of all things woolly and I love having some cosy clothes when going out into the cold weather. I used to always wear scarves at school and I wouldn’t go a day without wearing one, so I have quite a collection. Then my friend bought me a hat with a pompom on it and that is how my hat love escalated. I have always worn gloves because my hands are always cold, so it just made sense to have some gloves everywhere I go. My favourite shop to get these are Accessories, I find their products well made, especially their scarves! IN LOVE!


Again with my love for all things woolly, jumpers are essential for the starts of the cold weather when the evenings and mornings are becoming colder. I love this time of year in the shops when they have their new autumn ranges coming out and you can finally start wearing warm clothes. Goodbye vest tops, hello cropped hoodies. OMG , I am in love with cropped hoodies, I feel like I am going to gather quite a few of them this year. I got a black one from H&M and I have been wearing it non-stop. The next jumper that I have my eyes on is the New Look's 'Actually I Can' jumper, it is definitely going onto my wish list.

Warm eyeshadow and lipstick shades

I have to use warm shades of makeup anyway because I am so pale, any cool colours make me looked washed out. But in the autumn you can add some more to your eyeshadow lipstick palette to get some more colour on these grey days. At the moment I am loving the NYX cosmetics butt naked palette and the NYX matte lipstick in the colour rouge a levres.

Face Masks

I love using face masks, the cold often makes my skin really bad so why not have a Sunday pamper evening, and they are the best! My skin likes to be really oily or really dry, so I use different face masks depending on what my skin is doing. I use the 7th Heaven Montagne Jennesse face masks when I am having a bath or watching a movie/TV show. It also lets you relax after a stressful week.

Bright Nail Varnish Shades

To brighten up the day using bright nail varnish shades are a must for those gloomy rainy days that October brings. I love having bright pinks and reds on my nails and sometimes the occasional nude colour. I am in love with Essie nail varnish it stays on longer than any of the nail varnishes that I have used and takes ages to chip. Which is perfect for someone like me who is always ruining nail polish.

candle flatlay
essie nail varnish flatlay

What are your Autumn essentials?