Favourite Things About Autumn

Summer is over now and we are heading into the wonderful season of autumn! This is one of my favourites because the weather colder, meaning jumpers and leaves are changing colour for winter!

My favourite things about Autumn

My Favourite Things About Autumn

Leaves Change Colour

I love seeing the leaves change from green to orange, red, yellow or brown; when all the trees are showing their different colours it looks so pretty. And when they fall to the ground, this brings back childhood memories of running through all the leaves down my lane on the way to school, it was so much fun.


I love getting cosy on the sofa with layers of jumpers and blankets, as the night is drawing in, I love the extra excuse to buy some new jumpers online because you cannot have enough woolly jumpers. I have been looking on ASOS for new jumpers and coats for the autumn season and so far I love what I am seeing.

Hot Drinks

I drink tea all year round- because I am obsessed, but drinking a hot beverage in the cold weather is so much more satisfying. It warms you up so quickly and tastes so good. There is a lovely tea shop in Brighton which sells all different flavours of teas! I have heard some brilliant things for them and I must go and try some out for myself.

autumn favourites

Bonfire Night

I love watching all the firework displays around my area. In the UK there are normally a lot of firework displays at this time of year, from the history of Guy Forks nearly blowing up Parliament; so this is quite a traditional time for us Brit’s!


I have never really celebrated Halloween because my parents (mostly my dad) didn’t let us go out on the street dressed up in a scary costume knocking on stranger’s doors asking for sweets- it does sound quite dodgy when you put it like that. I did go once (and dressed up as somebody from St Trinians) and got so many sweets it lasted me for the whole year! As I got older, trick or treating wasn’t allowed anyway, but I did go to parties, and they were fun, dressing up (kind of, if you count a skeleton top dressing up) and a great excuse to make some more memories with friends.

Cozy Evenings

Which means when you wake up its dark and when you get in its dark; it feels like the whole day has gone in a second! I definitely prefer the summers long evenings. BUT, there are blankets, TV shows are really good as well and it’s a lovely time to just spend time with the family in the evening.

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What do you love about Autumn?