Change of Career Path, Blogging & Autumn Vibes

I went to Singleton in Hampshire last weekend whilst they were holding an autumn market with different flower arrangements and it was the most adorable thing ever. I couldn’t resist taking some photographs of all the decorations and the arrangements. It has also helped make my Instagram have all the autumnal feels. So these are going to be the photographs of choice throughout this post because seriously #autumnphotogoals right there.

If you haven’t already noticed I have changed the layout of my blog and I have made a new header, at the moment, I love it, but I am the worse person where one minute I will love it and then the next morning I could hate it. So far it is still going strong. Please let me know what you think?

I have been really bad with exercise lately, and I was doing so well! I am going to push myself to get going again next week though, and I have started yoga so look out for a blog post on that pretty soon. I am going to plan out an exercise schedule for next week and that way I will hopefully stick with it.


So I am still looking for a job, how hard is it to get something in digital marketing? I feel like I am going backwards at the moment because I probably will have to do an apprenticeship because I have no experience in digital marketing whatsoever. I have a degree in Education and I don’t want to use that as of yet for lots of reasons, and the one thing that has excited me (other than working with children) is blogging.

I literally googled how to make money blogging, and digital marketing came up. I had to get more research on that, and everything about it sounded so interesting that now I have decided that’s the way forward for me at the moment. But unfortunately, this makes me have no experience and finding an apprenticeship near my area is proving difficult at the moment. I will not give up though, I really need to know what this is about otherwise there will always be the ‘what if’ scenario and they are always worse than trying something and hating it, am I right? I thought that by my 20’s I would have a job and be getting myself sorted by now. How wrong was I? HA!

On the positive side, being unemployed means more time to concentrate on my blog! I have seen a huge rise in my followers on social media and I have some actual email subscribers which I am also pleased about. Ever since I have just started posting stuff for me because I am really pleased with that picture or blog posts, I have found that new followers have been finding me. 

What have you accomplished this week?