What Happened At Graduation?

Ok, so this actually happened a year ago but I wrote this for my old blog but I wanted the memory of this here too, so just pretend it's one year ago because then I do not have to retype this blog post...

Graduation was one of the happiest days of my life.


What happened At Graduation

2 Years Are Done

Knowing that all my hard work has been worth it just gives you so much satisfaction! There were difficult times, my last month was the worst, 3 essays plus the dissertation was a nightmare. It's overwhelming thinking that 2 years ago I was sitting nervously in a room, not knowing anyone at all, from my first essay (which was shockingly bad), to a 7,000-word dissertation and now I have a degree! It's been a crazy 2 years but I will never forget them; highs and lows, so much stress you would not believe but I loved every minute. London has been a great temporary home and I'm so glad I took the courage to move there, as that would have been the only opportunity I would ever have to live in the capital city! The people I've met have been one of a kind, and I hope that we will keep in contact, although life does get busy; but what else is Facebook for?

Graduation Day


It was a weird day, being truthful, strangely nerve-wracking, every person's eyes in that room are on you walking up some stairs across a small stage shaking the chancellors hand as you walk by. Feeling like your wearing a tent (because the robes were meant for men, so they kept falling off my shoulders); to top the look off  with what felt like one of those umbrella hats you get for fancy dress, although it was surprisingly heavy, and I could imagine slightly less waterproof! But everyone was wearing the same thing so it didn't feel that bad once you get used to walking like you have a bowl of fruits on your head.

It was a bit like a wedding day where everyone was taking my picture, it was my little day to be proud of myself and my achievements. But I am not cut out for all that smiling, seriously, my mouth actually hurt afterwards. From now on I'm only using my mouth for food and wine!!!

The venue was beautiful, in a cathedral within the university, stunning artwork and architecture throughout the building, was such a beautiful place, a perfect graduation setting. There were speeches and many hand shaking moments, but above all so many smiles and laughs of everyone celebrating their special day. It was lovely spending that moment with my family who have supported me throughout my time at university. Complementary drinks in the marquee, finished the day off splendidly, with photo-booth fun and a glass of wine to celebrate all of our successes. Smiles all around!

Hopefully my next course will go just as well as this one, although, it feels like I'm in a dark tunnel trying to get out into the light at the moment. But with support from my family and my own self motivation I know I will get through, as I've already proven that I can do it!


I also want to say congratulations to anyone else who have graduated this year and make the most of every opportunity you get in the future!