How To Release Negativity

Positive thinking is so important when trying to do anything that you are passionate about. Staying positive is a key component in a new job, hobbies and anything else that you want to improve your skills in. So having something that helps you keep being positive is something that is really important to me when stresses of life gets in the way.

how to release negatvity

University Stresses

2 years ago I was in a stressful situation with confidence and believing that I was able to become a teacher. There were many hurdles that I had to cross before I was able to go forward into teaching. If anyone doesn’t know, there are many routes into teaching; through the BA Primary Education 3 year course, a PGCE and School Direct.

All of which require skills tests to be able to start these courses. I understand why they are important for getting into teaching; however, they are an added stress on top of my dissertation! I was trying to get onto the PGCE, and I had a place at a university close to where I live, depending on whether or not I passed these tests.

With the skills tests, I had failed my English test twice; not because of my knowledge of the test but the time and a technical mistake where I pressed ok to finish when I was not ready to finish. It is so annoying when you know the answers but something other than the test itself makes you fail. I have had days when I have wanted to give up on teaching because it doesn’t seem to be going my way.

The competition to get into the university courses is also high and I just went through a bad relationship with it for a while. However, I had to get back up from my disappointment and continue to be successful in my degree that I  was currently studying; and I'm glad I did because I am so proud of my grade overall. 

How to release negativity


Art is also something that can frustrate me; when I cannot get the proportion of a face right or an animal I am drawing is not going well. Sometimes, it can put me off completely and I might not go back to it for weeks. It can become quite disheartening when everything is going wrong and you do not know how you are going to go back to something you love.

Art can sometimes be a love/hate relationship but that is what I love about it; even if things are not going your way, being able to see how much you’ve improved over a period of time brings me satisfaction. Sometimes a little break from art is what I need to get motivated to get back into it again; I then have a more positive approach to do well and that is when I see results.

release negativity

How to Release Negativity

Positive thinking is what allows me to continue fighting throughout my professional and personal parts of my life. I have had to pick myself up many times and change my way of thinking to continue fighting for what I want out of life.

Teaching is something that I have wanted to do for a long time now, I cannot imagine doing anything else; so I have to keep fighting for it and eventually, I will get it. Like any job, you have to work at it to perfect your profession and gaining more experience will help me to achieve my ultimate goal. If I do fail the other attempts of the skills tests; I will never give up on my dream of becoming a teacher, it just means that it will not be as soon as I would like.

Positive thinking can be hard to keep at times; when those negative thoughts rush into your head it can be difficult to stop them. I know I have had difficulty bouncing back from negative thoughts throughout my life, and I am guessing that most of you have too. It is about finding a way to reduce those thoughts that work best for you.

The method that helps me is music. Music is a powerful tool and depending on what you listen to, can change your mood completely. If I am feeling particularly negative one day, I listen to upbeat party type music that makes you want to dance like a crazy person (but that’s ok, because being in your bedroom, no one can see anyway!). It seems to work for me though as you just get rid of all the negative energy that has been stored up! Any party anthem is great but at the moment I love Jess Glynne and Justin Bieber’s new album is amazing.

They are the songs that are always at my university student union, so I associate them to dancing. The other way I release negativity through music is getting a power ballad you know really well, and sing your heart out! If you need to do this when no-one in your house then, by all means, do wait until everyone’s out. However, I don’t worry about that with my parents; I just do it anyway! It’s so much fun and I always feel so much better afterward. My favourite ones are either from musicals like Les Miserables, ‘on my own’ or from Wicked, ‘defying gravity’. I also like Demi Lovato’s ‘really don’t care’ I just love singing the chorus!

How do you release negativity?