9 Essential Items For A Cozy Bedroom

Making a room feel homely is my favourite thing to do! It makes everything feel and look cosy and invites you into a room. Having an organised and homelike feel to a room enhances your creativity! It is a great space for having time by yourself and even having a movie night with friends. I love buying homeware things, it gives me so much satisfaction! I can't wait to have my own house when I can design all the rooms rather than just having my bedroom! 

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9 Essential Items For A Cozy Bedroom


The atmosphere is so calm when there are candles lit, extra special when they are scented! It creates mood lighting when you watch a film and makes the room extra peaceful so you can relax before getting into bed. Candles also warm up your bedroom in the winter making it even cosier. Candle Holders can also be a perfect way to make the shelf look pretty and unique. There are so many candles holders available, so make sure you choose one that goes with your room colour and makes it personal to you. My ultimate favourite candle scent is Passion Fruit and Melon at the moment, I got these from ASDA, they have loads of cheap tea light candles with amazing scents. Perfect for a student who cannot afford fancy candles. I love white candle holders, although I did pick up some purple ones as my room is purple and white, so I went with my room theme!


I love stationery! It is definitely something that I need in my bedroom; it is where I write down any ideas that I may have for an art project or blog post! They are perfect for writing to-do lists and making notes of blog ideas. I always keep one by my bed because at bedtime late at night is when my mind seems to produce all of my ideas, so I need to write them down before I forget them in the morning! I have a lovely hand made a purple journal from paperchase that I am using for all my blog ideas at the moment. If I lost this book I would cry because I have come up with so many ideas!


I am a big cushion fan! I have fluffy ones, an owl one, and large ones! I just love having cushions that are able to go on to my bed and coordinate with my room colour! I am so obsessed with cushions, I know I have loads already and I just want to get some more, you can never have too many cushions. My love of cushions has definitely been passed onto my mum and I persuade her to buy some cushions for all the other rooms in the house!


I love having some little ornaments that have been picked up when you have visited a new place or been on holiday. I love having little reminders of what I have down over the years. I have so many different ones, and they all have some sort of memory behind them. One was even my lucky charm and I would carry it to school when I had exams as I would put it into my pocket. It seemed to work as I did quite well in my exams.  I also used to collect fairies when I was little because I loved them, so I have never felt like I could throw those away.

Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers make me feel happy; so they are a must in my bedroom! In my bedroom, these are a nice thought, but I have discovered that I cannot look after plants, I am hopeless. I had an orchid which lasts 2 months before it died. So I am considering getting a realistic fake one instead. I think they still do the same effect that a real plant does in making a room look prettier and making you happy as soon as you enter the room! The colours are what I like about flowers, they make any empty space light up! So fake flowers work just fine with me. I have some bold red roses in my room at the moment, I am hoping to grow my collection though. I love how it brings some colour to the white part of my wall.


I love reminiscing over memories that I have; so putting some in photo frames are a nice reminder of the wonderful things that have happened over the years! Memories are so important to me, so I like to have some of these memories in photo frames within my bedroom. I bought these white frames to go with the candle holders. I need to work out which photos I want to put in them though because I haven't decided yet. The other one I am thinking will have me and my group of friends but I haven't decided which photograph to use.


I love being able to get cosy in something warm; so blankets are essential! These are essential in the winter, I have had one of my blankets since I was a child, so I do not EVER want to get rid of it. I love those really furry blankets that are apparently meant to be a throw, but I am short enough, that they fit as a blanket! There are some perks to being 5"2!! I think I have about four blankets all together, and could always be tempted to get another one. Can always use the spare ones for making dens and stuff right?

Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are amazing; makes everything look neat and tidy, and they also come in many different patterns, so you can either mix and match, or have the same patterned boxes. In my bedroom, on my bookshelf I have a storage box for all my stationery; power leads and technical equipment and one for little bits and pieces like candles, ready to be put into my candle holders. Matalan does great storage boxes that are pretty and not those hideous plastic ones that I personally don't like (if you do that is completely fine) but if you want to make a space prettier than ones with patterns on are the way to go! I don't think mine go with the colour scheme of my bedroom, but they were lying around my house and so I thought I would pinch them, they do the job whilst I save up to get ones closer to my colour scheme!

Fairy Lights

I love having fairy lights in my room; gives a cosy vibe when you want to watch a film; rather than having bright lights on and they look so cute! They are also perfect for mood lighting which can work together with the candles to make the perfect light/darkness balance. In my room, I have battery powered ones which are great because you can put them anywhere and do not need to worry about a power socket. I have chosen to put these over my bookcase, mainly because it doesn't require attaching it in any way, making it easier to move it if I wanted to. If you would like some they I got mine from amazon; as they have a good selection of fairy lights.

What are your bedroom essentials?