5 Essential Studying Tips For Degree Students 

Degree's entail hard work and motivation to complete, there are many times that pushed my stress levels to the max, but thankfully I never felt like I wanted to quit (like some people in my course). I did a 3-year course in 2 years; which did increase the intensity, but I am so thankful that I have been able to complete this course- it’s so satisfying knowing you have a degree, it still hasn’t quite sunk in yet, to be honest!

As an ex-undergraduate student I thought it would be useful to you and apparently, you guys do to, from my twitter poll that I did asking about which blog post to do next; so I decided to come up with a few tips and tricks about the studying part of gaining a degree. 

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5 Tips To Gain A Degree

Stay Organised

If you are like me- obsessed with stationery- this will be your lucky day, go and buy some folders, notebooks, and a diary to help you stay organized throughout your time at university. I loved going out and getting new stationery for my journals that I printed out to read or to put my notes in from lectures and seminars. And a diary to keep my deadlines easily accessible in, the notebook was always helpful for those to-do lists to give you a guideline of what needed to be done daily.

Read A Lot

You will need to do a lot of wider reading at university, I loved highlighting my printed out journals and writing out all the quotes I wanted to use within my essay before I started writing my essay because then they were all in one place. Rather than flicking from one book to the next- I wish I learned that nearer the start of my course because it was so useful for me. I compared my first ever university essay to my last essay and my bibliography of references, my first essay I used 4 references and that increased to 20 different books or journals by my last essay- the dissertation was obviously more than that- crazy- I did say you have to read a lot!!

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Start Essays Early

I am so proud of myself for not doing ANY essays to the last minute, meaning staying up to all hours of the night trying to get the essay completed for the deadline the next day. I would give myself enough time to edit and proofread it at the end so that I didn’t hand in anything too bad! I am one for needing to do lots of little drafts in my essay because the first time I write it, I am mainly getting my structure, quotes, and arguments in so that I know what I am going to be writing about, and then improve it from there. So leaving this to the last minute for me would be a bad idea. Also, lectures do know when you have left it to the deadline, I am sure of it!

Share Your Reading List With Others

Comparing books that you have read is so helpful because you can use the same quotes in your work if you reference it properly, but obviously, the way you write it into your argument within your essay cannot be copied! This was great advice from my lecturer- probably the best bit of advice I received- because it reduces the amount of reading that you have to do! It also helps your understanding of the subject better when you can communicate your thoughts and ideas to somebody else that is doing the same course as you!

Proofread Your Work

Proofreading can be just as important as writing the essay, it also helps to get somebody else to read your work for you because they can pick up on more mistakes than you can! I got my dad to read mine and I am so grateful that he took up some of his time to just quickly read through my essay! There was one time where I managed to put the word ‘like’ into one of my essays because I did not get someone to proof read it, that word is definitely not allowed in the world of academia!

What are your top tips for studying at university, college or school?