Why I Hate Packing

Holidays are the best feeling ever, the lead up to a holiday is really exciting and makes me feel really happy! It even gets me through university stress because I know I have something to look forward to!

But why is packing so annoying!?!


Packing to go on holiday, in my opinion, is fun and gets you in the mood for your holiday, as it allows you to take the stuff you want to your vacation; I like having things to read, makeup, evening wear, sunglasses, camera etc. So the excitement is there, for me, to pack my stuff 2 weeks earlier than I actually have to go (don't want to dirty all my nice clothes just before I'm about to leave!). I also, always make packing so neat and pack so much into my suitcase until there is no more space left (because I obviously need to take my whole bedroom with me to my holiday because I can't live without any of it) towels and clothes take up room and I will need them, I tell myself!

Once you get there, you literally just live in bikinis and evening wear, *why did I need to pack so much?!?* Most of the clothes I pack don’t actually get worn, and the hotel supplies towels, so I only needed to pack a beach towel! *sigh*



However, packing to come home is another story, nothing you've packed fits back in your suitcase! I'm always thinking "how did I pack all of this!?!?" After 30 minutes of jumping and sitting on your suitcase, squashing everything down, (because that's obviously THE only way everything will fit back in); the suitcase is finally ready for the flight back. Then you go home happy and tanned (or in my case burnt) and tell all your friends and family about your amazing trip away; leaving the unpacking until you've actually run out of all your other clothes! 

Anyone else hates packing/unpacking?