5 Dilemmas When Attending A Wedding 

Weddings are so stressful even though I am not even the bride. I have a love/ hate relationship when shopping to attend a wedding, on one hand, it provides me with an excuse to buy more clothes, but on the other, there are so many options I sometimes struggle with what I want to wear. The wedding that will be in Portugal which I am super excited about as we have managed to get a mini holiday out of the event as well. There are so many dilemmas to worry about when planning to be a guest at a wedding, (what am I going to be like when I am actually the bride!!! I can't even think about that right now), that I don't even know where to start. I have tried a couple of dresses already and so far they have looked hideous on me. I have wanted something that is light but smart too because it's a special occasion, hopefully, I find something soon to wear, I leave Thursday.... ahhhh! 

Here are the 5 dilemmas about attending a wedding


I never know what to do with my hair. I would love to be able to do all those braids I see on tutorials on YouTube. But my coordination is lacking once my hands are behind my head.  I just can't do it! I've tried curling it but it's just made me look like a poodle with an afro... Not the best look.  I will have to decide this on the day. I still have no idea what I am going to do! I wish I was better at doing my hair than I am, if you have any easier hairstyles for weddings please leave any links in the comments. Ideally, I want something easy and stress-free so that I can enjoy the day and not keep worrying about what my hair looks like. Let's face it there are food and drinks that need to be consumed... and that's far more important. 


Flats or heels? That's the main question with this. I think heels make any outfit look 10000000 times better, but then it means an evening which is uncomfortable and painful. Flats are comfortable and definitely more practical. But I wear flats the majority of the time and I want to make an effort. So I have come to the conclusion that wedges are a good in between choice. Because they are comfortable but give you the extra height. I don't even know what the ground is going to be like and whether the heals will fit in my suitcase! I might just put a pretty pair of sandals in and vote for the comfy/cute look as they will definitely fit in my suitcase. I think the day is going to be quite relaxed anyway so I don't think heels are required for this wedding. We are definitely heading for a swim afterwards anyway...  why have a wedding abroad if you don't make the most of the beaches?


Choosing a dress for a wedding is really hard. There seem to be so many unsaid rules, you can't wear white, you can't wear the same colour as the bridesmaids and you MUST NOT out do the bride. I don't even know what colour the bridesmaids are!! *Trying not to panic!* It was a nightmare trying to find a dress that is wedding-like but not too over the top. Like I said at the beginning of the post, as I will be in Portugal, I am assuming the weather is going to be far hotter than over in England. That said, I want a dress that will be light but also wedding-like. I don't know why this stresses me out so much, and this is not even the bride's dress! I have brought a cute playsuit with a blue floral pattern on which is a really light material which I am hoping to wear, but I may put a few more options in my suitcase just in case I change my mind. 


Is it going to rain? I know it is Portugal but they aren't immune to the chance of it raining right? After all of that hard work to get your hair and makeup looking on point for the weather to ruin it. I am of course crossing my whole body hoping that the weather will be lovely on the actual day of the wedding so that we can spend it outside and catch some rays as well as having a wonderful time. That is the whole reason to have a wedding abroad, for a better chance of some sunshine on your wedding day right? 

To Cry Or Not To Cry That Is The Question...

We all know weddings can be emotional, declaring the love of two people is heart warming and something positive that is needed in a world that is sometimes full of negativity. BUT, you have your make up looking spot on, do you waste all that time and effort and just let the tears fall or do you hold them back in? THAT IS THE QUESTION. I know I am going to get so emotional, weddings are beautiful after all. There is definitely a mix of emotions- some good, others are a tad of jealousy. But they get outweighed by how friggin adorable the whole thing is and you cannot be more happy for the bride and groom. 

dilemmas of attending a wedding

All this wedding talk is making me feel so excited about the actual day and also a mini holiday away in Portugal, I am so excited. I am going with a group of girls I met at uni and it will be so nice to actually get to know them more, even though we have known each other a whole year, it's a bit different to only seeing each other at university and a couple of nights out, to living with them 24/7 for a week. It will also be a great opportunity to have a catch up about life post university and see what they are all going to be doing next, because who doesn't love a good gossip. Also, there will be a chance for some drinking games, we need some games that don't require too many props because we don't have a large amount of luggage we can take with us, (and I want most of my room to be for clothes), so we need some ideas of low maintenance drinking games

What are your dilemmas when attending a wedding, or any other grand event?