Pros & Cons Of Being A Female Solo Traveller

As someone who has not travelled solo before- although I have thought about it and have read many inspiring blogs that have said what an amazing experience it is, I also have my doubts about it as it is the uncertainty of the unknown. I have had many mini arguments in my head about this, as it is something I would love to have the confidence to do... think of the experience you could have! Maybe I need to find someone to come with me just for the extra moral support. Does anyone want to take me up on that offer?


  1. Can do whatever you want, when you want
  2. Confidence builder
  3. Learn about yourself
  4. Meet new people


  1. New place on your own
  2. Getting lost
  3. Uncertainty of the unknown
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Pros of being a Female Solo Traveller

Can Do Whatever You Want, When You Want

So I recently went on mini holiday where we had a group of about 5 people go to Centre Parcs (which is an activity park read it here), and although 5 people doesn’t seem that many, it is 5 different ideas, activities and places that everyone wants to do and visit but there is never enough time in the day to complete everyone's wish list. I had to compromise a lot on this holiday, I definitely did not mind doing this, but in terms of travelling it would be more beneficial to you (and me) to be able to go and explore the places that are of interest to you rather than other people. You will get more satisfaction out of it and there would not be any regrets.

Confidence Builder

Travelling on your own would make you more confidence as you will have to problem solve when travelling to new places which would definitely increase your confidence. Moving to London to attend university was a scary thought at first but when I started settling into the London life I loved it- I miss it now, even though I have only be gone a couple of months- GET ME BACK TO LONDON! Even though the concept can seem scary, I think I would be able to do it- if I take the risk.

Learn About Yourself

Having all that time to yourself will make it very easy to learn about what you can do to survive in situations. I am a big believer in doing things that are outside your comfort zone so I would love to learn how far I can push myself to try new things. I am definitely not an adrenaline junkie so I do not mean that I need to jump out of planes but would like to see if I can improve my adventurousness whilst I am around new places; to make the most out of exploring that particular country. This will help me tick some things off my bucket list!

Meet New People

Throughout the whole experience, you are able to meet new people because you will have to when you are on your own. It pushes your comfort zone and pushes you to be more confident with other travellers that you meet. The people that you could potentially meet on life-changing experiences can be special as you have shared something no one else would have. I really want to meet like-minded people and this would be an incredible way to meet other travellers and other people from different countries. There are many things that can be learnt from other people around you: like their culture, morals, viewpoints and experiences that they have been exposed to.

pros and cons of a female traveler

Cons of being a Female Solo Traveller

New Place On Your Own

You would be in a completely new place all by yourself, is it just me that thinks that is terrifying? You also will not know anyone else that is there and sometimes trusting people to ask for directions can be a bad idea. I remember when my friend and I got lost around London and we were asking people for directions. The people did not even know themselves but were still telling us where to go when they should have just said that they don’t know! It was so annoying we just ended up walking in circles! I now know to just ask policemen or shop people for directions- they are more reliable!

Getting Lost

Maybe I need to learn how to read a map? But getting lost on your own is scary by yourself, with other people you can work it out together and it feels so much more terrifying than if you with others. I have also been a sucker for allowing other people to get into my head about how horrible and unsafe the world is, however reading other blogs about females travelling solo has altered my view of this slightly, but you do still need to be wary of everything around you.

Uncertainty Of The Unknown

I hate the uncertainty of unknown situations; I like to be in control, so this one terrifies me slightly. I find it easier to relax when I am with somebody else when I am in a new area than being by myself. It is scary to imagine you walking down the street and you do not know what will be around the corner. This can also be a pro because not knowing what is about to happen can also be exciting and a thrill that I do love; I just haven’t loved it so much when being solo.


....For me, I don’t think I will ever have the confidence and reassurance of travelling solo, I would like to have one other person to travel with me, so I do not have to compromise too much on activities and attractions that we want to see and do. Although maybe I could work up to travelling solo with exploring a place I already know by myself first and then working my way up to go beyond my comfort zone. 

Could you travel solo?

pros and cons of a female traveller