10 Top Southern UK Beaches

I have been all over the southern coast of the UK and seen many beaches along the way, obviously, I have not been to all of them (yet), so these are my favourite beaches that I have been to so far. They will be in (or close to) the south of England because that is where I live. No matter how old you are, the beach is always a great place to visit no matter the weather. I love the amount you can do at the beach, as well as the memories you gain from spending time with your family or friends. There are many reasons to love beaches and I love them anytime during the year.

uk southern beaches

Why I Love The Beach

There is always something to do at the beach and I have so many memories, here are some of my reasons why I love the beach: 

  1. Family time
  2. Meet up with friends
  3. Activities
  4. Nature
  5.  Swimming in the sea
  6. Sandcastles
  7. Relax
  8. Fish and chips
  9. Ice cream
  10. Long Coastal Walks
  11. Beautiful scenery
  12. Paddling in the sea

As a lover of beaches, I thought why not create a list of the lovely beaches around my area and now the weather is improving, more of you will want to go to the beach. And why not? Beaches are stunning and they are a natural beauty that should be cared for and celebrated. My favourite memory at the beach was when I had finished my first year at college and my friends and I all met at Hayling Island and we just sat there talking, having a BBQ and then we watched the sunset and gazed at the stars while everyone was wrapped up in blankets. It was bliss.


10 Beautiful UK Beaches are: 

1) Bournemouth

With endless golden sand and beach huts running down for miles, this beach will have you spoilt for choice as to where to set up your things. With amazing views of the Isle of Weight, a variety of water sports and the Bournemouth Pier there are many different opportunities to be explored. Whether you like sunbathing, photography or family days out, this beach can interest a variety of different interests. Reading the reviews on Trip Advisor, it has been highly rated by the majority of people as a fantastic beach that is clean and well maintained. “Bournemouth beach is also one of the safest beaches in the UK with RNLI Lifeguards based all the way along our seven mile stretch of beach – full season cover runs from 30 April to 30 September” making this beach a safe place for everyone who is looking forward to a great day away from their normal setting.

2) Brighton

This pebbly stretch of beach is situated within a unique, small boutique town of Brighton allows you to explore more than just the wondrous views from the coast. If you want clothes, food, music shops there are many to choose from, to browse before heading over to the rippling sound of waves. Why not grab a fish and chips and then head down to watch a beautiful sunset over the horizon? That sounds pretty great to me.Brighton beach also holds a range of water sports and the perks of being near the town allows for a good nightlife as well! Head towards the bars and clubs along the seafront and see how the night will unfold. “It is voted one of the Top 10 city beach break destinations in the world” another reason to head down to this beautiful destination!

3) Maenporth

A gently sloping beach allowing for shallow water, which would be perfect for families and children, is situated near Falmouth. With spectacular views facing Pendennis Castle and the lighthouse on St Anthony Head, a brilliant photograph opportunity for those who love taking photos (like me). This beach has activities in scuba diving and sea kayaking andshallow water and rock-pools with plenty of marine life to explore” keep your eyes peeled, there is wildlife to be spotted!

4) Sandown 

Situated on the Isle of Weight, Sandown has probably been the biggest part of my childhood, which is my reason for having this beach on my top 10 list. It has marvellous golden sand and I remember always building sandcastles here! This is a lovely family beach, again with a slope to make some shallow water, fancy a paddle? “A family resort that has retained its pier, Sandown offers a range of activities, including amusement arcades and fairground rides” meaning plenty to do with the children as well as taking in breathe-taking views and sunbathing.  “Sandown Beach has all the facilities of a seaside resort. There is a large selection of cafes and restaurants along the beach front as well as places to buy beach towels, beach balls, beach games and inflatable beach toys”.

5) Southsea

Another pebbly beach, situated in the city of Portsmouth which is close to my home, making this my go-to beach when I need to get away from stressful work life. There are boating lake and park here as well, perfect for a family day out. Southsea Beach is a vibrant picturesque stretch of coastline offering a fantastic mix of iconic attractions, heritage landmarks, festivals and activities” which attracts people of any age! This beach has provided many days out with me, friends and my family, on hot summer days we would go and grab an ice-cream and maybe have a ride on the boating lake! In the winter walks along the path, which is situated next to the beach, whilst catching up with our events that are going on in our lives.

6) Hayling Island

Hayling Island is another go-to beach with me and my friends. We have a little hanging place that we always meet at to watch the sun go down and have a catch up when life seems to be getting in the way. At this beach, there is also a funfair, go and ride the rollercoasters and eat candy floss! This beach is great for all of the family. This is a pebbly beach will always have a place in my heart because of all the incredible memories I have had here with friends.  “Hayling Island holds a European Blue Flag award and its excellent beaches have also been awarded a Tidy Britain Seaside Award for their water quality, safety and cleanliness.”

7) West Wittering

I also have many memories here from childhood. We would always make sandcastles, go in the sea and play games e.g. volleyball, football. There was also a field at the back of the beach, and people would always cook BBQ’s and play more ball games. This beautiful golden sand beach has “the highest water quality and excellent facilities have made it one of the premier Blue Flag beaches in the country.” This beach has always been a great day out for me, it is one of my favourites and it has provided me with many childhood memories, making this a special place to visit! I am so lucky to have this beach a few miles up the road from me.

8) Weston Super Mare

This is a massive sandy beach which is flat which is perfect for paddling! There are lots of things to do on and off the beach! You can go to the sea aquarium, “there is also a summer’s worth of cafes, pubs and restaurants that you can sit outside and watch the world go by!” There are also music festivals that get held at the beach, these include T4 on the Beach, Corona SunSets and South West Live. Providing a reason that appeals to all different ages visiting this beach! There are other events include Pro Nationals, Weston Beach Race and Weston Super Mare Air Festival!

9) Burnham on Sea

This beach is also in Somerset, can you tell that we went on holiday here? There is a cute little lighthouse which was a 20-minute stroll from the caravan that we were staying at! “Burnham is a thriving seaside town with a theatre, gardens, bi-annual food and drink festival and a busy calendar of events throughout the year for residents and visitors alike.” When we were on holiday here, having long walks along the sand was a perfect way to spend the evening. You could choose the path as well if the tide was in whilst taking in the views and listening to the sound of waves, which for me, is so peaceful!

10) Padstow

Finally Padstow, this beach is another sandy beach, and there are a few beaches within Padstow, so plenty of beaches to choose from.  I am a lover of beaches in the Cornwall area, I have had many holidays here as a child and these are beaches have always made a day trip out perfect with my family. We also have a friend who lives here and when we meet up with them, we have long coastal walks with them and their dog. So cute. One of the bay's point of interest is a shipwreck that is only visible at low tide, which I have never found, but now that I know about it I may have to take another trip down there!

Which beaches are your favourite?