10 Reasons To Love Summer

What a lovely long weekend we just had, it was great stuffing my face with chocolate to the point now where I can’t face seeing another piece of chocolate without feeling sick. Have you done that too? Congratulations, you have completed Easter the right way. I had a relaxing weekend spent with my family and deciding where I want to put my furniture in my room as I have taken out all the built-in storage units, well I said ‘I’ but what I really mean is my dad did it... I cannot be trusted with a hammer… So I have a new chest of draws, wardrobe and a mattress so far. My next buy will be a sofa because I have decided to start collecting furniture ready for when I have enough money to leave my parent’s home… I can’t wait. But the prices are so damn high that I need to marry a rich man to even get close to having enough money… ughhhh.

I am also super excited about summer coming up. I only have eight more weeks of my course and then I will be a qualified teacher, and no more essays need to be written… hallelujah. That is too scary to even comprehend right now though, I am definitely not ready to give up my university bubble for the working life… but I never will be unless I dive right in. But the light at the end of the tunnel is that I will have a super long summer and I cannot wait. I love the hot summer days, the limited amount that we get in England anyway, and I will have time to go and meet friends without having any work to do.

Summer is on its way, and I am ready to go to the beach, drink cocktails and indulge in the burgers from the BBQ. 

summer clothes
drinks at the pub

10 Reasons To Love Summer

Let's Go To The Beach

The beach is good in any weather in my opinion; there is something mysterious and magical about them. Particularly though in the summer, the way the sun glimmers of the top of the water makes for great photos. It is THE best place to watch the sunset. It is also a good excuse to make some more memories with family and friends.


Summer days are longer and I love knowing that the day is going to end around 10 pm rather than 4:30 pm. It just makes me happy to know that I can sit in the garden for longer, catching up with the sun rays, or if there is something that I have to do that day there are still a few more hours to catch up on it.


I love walks, but I hate them when it is raining and cold, so in the summer walks move from the bottom of my list of things to do to the top! Getting away from technology for a couple of hours is always a bonus as well. I normally take photographs of nature and landscapes that are around me when I am exploring a new place.

We're All Going On A Summer Holiday

Those summer holidays are the highlight of a year of cold and rainy weather when setting foot on an aeroplane, it can lift anyone’s spirits! I am able to spend more time doing 'me' time as I love to read books and chill out beside the pool! In the evening I love going to watch the entertainment and grabbing an alcoholic drink! I love the relaxing holidays abroad but I also have been on holiday in the UK too, which normally consists of activities and day trips out.

Can Sit Outside At The Pub

I know you can go to the pub in the winter, but sitting outside in the evening, watching the world go by with a cold beverage is just a perfect way to end a summer evening. I also love going for lunch in the summer to sit outside while you eat your lunch, you can watch the world go by and eat some fantastic food. I love the small quirky type pubs as they are so cute!

Meeting Friends and Family

Longer days mean more time for friends and family, which is very important to me, especially because I have not had time to see them for a couple of weeks as I am trying to finish university. It will be nice to catch up with them when going on lovely days out or maybe even a holiday.


Indulging in burgers, chicken and sausages are just completely different when they have been on the barbeque, I don’t know why? I love gathering the whole family around a garden table to eat a magnificent feast of beautiful food. It is like having another Christmas.


I am generally more productive in the summer than winter; I don’t think that I am made for the cold! The summer makes me feel happy and I look forward to getting up in the morning, with no worries about it being cold outside.

Summer Clothes

Cute shorts, skirts, tops and sandals finally make an appearance in my wardrobe; although I am sad to get rid of my cosy jumpers for a couple of months. I especially have loved maxi skirts this year. As being a pale skinned can be annoying in the heat of the sun, so a maxi skirt allows you to wear something girlie and prevents me from getting burnt.

More Days Out

You can have random days out because you know the weather will be on your side; I love spontaneity! When random days turn out to be a great day is such a good feeling and makes a change from university essays.  It is also great to do things outside of your comfort zone because it allows you to test yourself and when you achieve something it feels so satisfying and you get to tick things off the bucket list.

What do you love about summer?