Flaws In Mandalas

Mandalas are supposed to be similar all the way around and the same patterns should continue throughout each circle. They represent balance and are used as an aid for meditation in different religions. I draw mandalas as a way to relax and escape reality for a number of hours. I love drawing them and coming up with different patterns and different strokes to take a plain paper to my own mini-masterpiece. The only trouble I seem to make is making it the same the whole way around.

Flaws In Mandalas

Flaws in Mandalas

Even though I use lines as guidelines to help me with the symmetry it doesn’t mean that I will have a finished unflawed art piece. I use a compass to make the circles (when I actually got hold of one) and also divide up the whole circle into 8 small pieces to guide me throughout the art process. But mistakes are bound to happen and using pen makes it that much harder to fix.

I always was so hard on myself when these mistakes happened and I really hated it when a pattern didn’t look the same all the way around. But now I’m trying to embrace the uniqueness of art and not one piece I create will be the same as another. Each piece has its own course it takes and therefore creates its own story. 

Creating these patterns might depend on my mood at the time or reflect my visions of what I wanted the piece to be about. It could be influenced by the things around me and memories that I want to have for life. Art is meant to be a creative outlet and these mistakes make it your own. I don’t want a perfect flaw-free art piece- life doesn’t work that way so why should my art be any different. Embrace your mistakes they are there to help you develop and grow your skills whether that’s in art or life.

It comes down to changing your idea of perfection and celebrating your accomplishments. Lift yourself up, be your own cheerleader and don’t be so hard on yourself.  

Flaws In Mandalas

How I Drew A Mandala

This took me around 10 hours to complete, over a couple of days, I love drawing mandalas, I find them so relaxing and the finished result has also been successful with this attempt as well. A mandala represents wholeness and is a reminder that the world extends within and beyond our bodies and mind. It can describe the sun and the moon as well as our close community circles. I started by using a compass and a pencil to draw some circles and then with a ruler draw some lines to divide the circle up into 8 symmetrical pieces. I then started filling in the mandala using different patterns. If I struggled to find different pattern ideas I would google search 'zentangle patterns' and choose which one I wanted to use next.


I built the mandala up using different patterns and making some areas lighter than others and making the patterns as symmetrical as you can going around the circle. It helps to draw those reference lines in pencil first so that it is easier to keep the patterns as similar as you can.


This was the finished one, I used an A3 sized piece of paper for this drawing because A4 was not big enough to get some of the details into the drawing. I think this is my best mandala yet and it definitely helps when you have to right tools like a compass (thanks to my Aunty).


What have you created recently?