10 Things I Have Learnt During University

I have finally finished university! It has been the hardest but best three years of my life. I have had my highs and lows especially with finding your friendship groups. It has been the best and hardest experience so far. I have been to two different universities and now I am a fully qualified teacher- which I am so excited about, and my new chapter in my life will be starting. At my first year at university, I didn't join any social clubs which was probably the biggest mistake I could have made. When I did get the courage to join a social club I met the best people and I am so grateful as they made my time at university so much fun. I also have a good group of friends that I met on my PGCE course and they have helped me throughout the highs and lows that the course faced! Which is so important as they were the only people who could fully understand what you were going through. I thought it would be a good time to write what I have learnt by being at university down for anyone who is thinking about joining or who are already there, so that I could advise you on what you should do, as this would have really helped me before I went to university. 

10 things I have learnt at university

So what have I learnt since being at university? 

Okay- boring bits first- don't leave essays to the last-minute, you cannot write these sorts of essays over night and get a good mark (yes, some people are successful doing that) but if you want to put as much effort into your work then starting early is by far the key to success.

Proof read!- I accidentally put 'like' in one of my essays. Think I had watched Made in Chelsea beforehand, and that got noticed by the lecture marking my work-ooooops! Thankfully it wasn't a huge piece of work and did not affect my mark too much! Never did that again though!

My time management has definitely improved. Organising deadlines and a social life requires a lot of preparation. 

Caffeine and any munchies you can get hold off is basically your dinner and lunch when you have essays due. So go put the kettle on and invade your cupboards- it is going to be a late nigh in!

Procrastinating yes, probably not the best thing to have learnt, but Netflix, Instagram,  and Facebook are WAY more interesting than reading a bunch of journals.

Most of your money goes on food and alcohol. No more explanation is needed.

Moving out of my house and into halls means no sleep, fire alarms and ready-made meals (until you learn your skills in the kitchen). Halls was so much fun but also was the worst at the same time. I am so glad I stayed at home for my last year though because I couldn't live with people up at 3 am in the morning when I had to be up at 6 am. I would have been so angry all the time! However, when I was only in 2 days a week it was fun having conversations at random times of the night and there was always somebody around if you couldn't get to sleep. 

Don't go to the student union sober. That is the worst idea I have had because it can be so disgusting and without alcohol goggles, everything repulsed me! From that day forward I always had a drink before I went. Also, a good tip that you probably already know anyway, pre drinks are essential and if you do it right you won't have to buy a drink in the bar- the cheapest night out ever!

Join a society or sports group, meet new people and enjoy your limited time at university. This will be the best decision you could make at university. This is how I found my group of friends at university and we had so much fun having nights out and gossiping about everything that has been happening at the university. I was so gutted that I didn't do this from year 1, so do not make my mistake!

Finally, the last push (probably because of the dissertation) is going to be tough but so worth it, as it will be so rewarding when I am graduating with a degree that I have deserved through my hard work and motivation to get the best result I can possibly achieve. I cannot wait for graduation day!

There lots of things that I have learnt whilst being at university. It has been the best 3 years of my life and I have met some amazing people along the way. Although it can be tough at times, it is worth it in the end when you come away with that certificate at the end. 

What have you learnt from university?

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