10 Reasons Why You Should Start A Bullet Journal As A Student

Being a student can be hard at times, especially when you have so many deadlines to stick to and reading the research can be quite overwhelming when you have a million other things to get done too. I have planning lessons to do on top of essays and I need somewhere to write everything down otherwise my head might explode. If you’re looking for something that you can create whatever list you need to, I may have found the answer. Bullet journaling can provide to your every need. From having something to do while you are waiting for your girl’s night out; to organising your deadlines. As you must know by now I am a huge fan of the bullet journal and everything the flexibility it can give.


10 Reasons Why You Should Start A Bullet Journal As A Student

There are many ways the bullet journal can support your student life and here are some ways:

1.      Creativity

2.      Stationery (for those stationery lovers out there, I’ve got your back)

3.      To-Do lists

4.      Organise Deadlines

5.      Organise Reading list

6.      Remember your Goals and Ambitions

7.      Organise your Social Life

8.      Productivity Mandala

9.      Overview of your Weeks

10.   It gets you away from your digital life


They give you another sense of creativity when you are trying to organise your life, and mine has gotten so much busier. You can doodle, write some motivational quotes to get you through the week (especially if you are drowning in essays) and write any notes that you want to keep close to you at all times. It allows you to bring some personality into something that is quite boring otherwise, and I am bad with keeping to lists and organising my life at the best of times. However, the bullet journal has changed all of this, I cannot put it down, designing new pages, writing all my favourite quotes and colouring (everyone must love colouring!); having this journal so close to me all the time makes it impossible to forget anything because my to-do lists are all there right in front of me. This also makes for great stress relief as it provides a distraction.

There are always Instagram and Pinterest you can spend hours looking through for some inspiration if you ever have a blockage of creativity- sorry, I didn’t mean for that to sound like something you would need to unblock from the toilet.


This one is for stationery lovers, and as a student, I have loads of stationery anyway but this system provides an excuse to get even more… because I am a bit obsessed. It gives you another reason to unleash those artistic pens, colouring pencils, washi tape and anything else that you have lying around the house. If you are a stationery lover like me, then this is going to be you HEAVEN I am not even joking. You will also have to have an emergency spend around for new stationary, because how can you start that fancy writing without new stationery?? Also, there is not a better way to spend your student loan- if you are as obsessed with stationery as me! You cannot go wrong with amazon, there are all sorts of goodies on their which can be delivered straight to your door. That’s right, you don’t even need to leave your house/flat… you’re welcome.

Just to add, it is not a necessity to have millions of stationery to start a bullet journal, this is completely up to you.

To-Do Lists

You can make to-do lists that you find easy to use rather than using another layout that just doesn’t work with what you need. Or you write a to-do list on a scrap piece of paper and end up losing it after 5 minutes… or is that just me?... it is a life saver having everything in one place, and I can do a weekly spread of everything that I need to do to make my list that much clearer for me. I prefer minimal page spreads for this so I can really focus on the task rather than trying to make my bullet journal look pretty.

Organise your Deadlines

Because it is your own planner, and you can do what you like in it, there is nothing stopping you from writing your own important dates. I have done a spread on my university deadlines for essays in scrolls. I then colour them in as I complete them when I do eventually colour them in its satisfying to know I have finally finished an essay. I am so glad I only have to colour in two more tasks now because I am so done with essay writing.

Organise your Reading List

As well as all those deadlines, you could have a page spread for all those readings that you have to do before lectures and when you are researching to write those essays. If you don’t have anywhere to write all of this down, you’ll never know which ones you have read and then you could be repeating the same journals… and that’s just time wasting. It always helped me to write down which ones I have read so that I don’t waste time, that’s the worst thing you could possibly do when you have so many other things to keep on top off.

Remember Your Goals and Ambitions

It is really important to remember your goals and ambitions when you’re a student because that is what is going to motivate you to keep going with all those all-nighters and hard work that you put into all those essays. I always use the Bullet Journal as a way of keeping me focused on what I want to get out of university. For me, it is to become a primary teacher, without the odd quote about following your dreams inside my Bullet Journal; I don’t think I would have been as focused on my goal as I am when I have a constant reminder that I look at every day.

Organise your Social Life

University isn’t all about essays you know, you need some time to go out with friends and socialise. Make a page spread that focuses on fun activities and nights out with your girlfriends and let your hair down. There are always times at university when work piles up and you neglect your friends. I am one to do this too, and I’m not proud of it. I need to always remind myself that I need a good life- work balance so I don’t burn out under all of the stress.

Productivity Mandala

I have tried this, after seeing this on Planning Routines Instagram page. It is where you draw rings that match how many days there are in a month and then colour in each ring based on a productivity scale from 1-7. Then you let your creativity go wild and draw a mandala over the rings that you have coloured. You keep adding to it every day for a whole month. I think this is a great overview of how productive you are within a month and then you can try to improve your productivity for next month. Well, that’s the plan anyway.

Overview of Your Weeks

You can choose from monthly, weekly, or daily spreads to have the option to have an overview of your weeks and what you have on each day. You have lectures to go to and different tasks that need to be completed on different days. The bullet journal provides a flexible approach to how you set up you monthly, weekly and daily spreads so that you can set out in advance what your week is going to look like. This is really helpful for me because then I can plan in advance as to what I need to get done and when.

It gets you away from your Digital Life

As students, you’re forever looking at a computer screen, or on your phone; so it is also nice to have some time away and switch off from all screens. I particularly like doing this because I am on the computer way too much as I write blog posts, plan lessons and write essays so I find the Bullet Journal a good way to escape and relax my mind after becoming stressed with all the work that I have to do.

And Finally…

The Bullet Journal has been a life changer for me because I am able to organise my life all in one place. It provides me with a flexible way to make sure that I have achieved everything that I want to and hopefully one day all this hard work will pay off and I will be a qualified teacher.

What are your reasons to use the Bullet Journal system?