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Patterned petals blog is a place of creativity through photography and art, being productive using the bullet journal system and helpful blogging tips that I have learnt along the way.  The blog's purpose is to provide people with the resources and ability to start becoming more productive in a creative way so that you are always able to create something new and worthwhile, whether that's new stationery, desk equipment, art supplies, photography, bullet journal tips and blogging tips. These will all help to allow readers to find a way to be creative online and off.

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about me

Hi I'm Emily

A twenty something art creator, photography lover and an obsessed tea drinker.  I started this blog to share all my interests with other like-minded people and through my blogging journey, which has been a year now, I have seen so many creative people who have inspired me to believe in myself and share my opinions to try and inspire people too. I have named the blog patterned petals for my love of all things nature and being creative.

I have been enthusiastic about art for as long as I can remember and has recently found a love for landscape photography which she hopes to develop throughout the year. I love to visit new places but I am not the sort of girl who wants to live out of a rucksack for years on end so I am more for holidays and lovely day trips out with my friends and family.

I have recently started a bullet journal to help with my planning especially as I am a student with a million and one things to do. I currently live in a small countryside village in the south of England which allows me to be at one with nature.

I regularly post snaps of my days out and bullet journaling on my Instagram, come and chat to me on Twitter and never miss a blog post on Facebook. Feel free to contact me on my Contact Page if you have any questions and that will go straight to my email.

So make sure you subscribe and get access to my resource library... and it's free! 

Go and grab a cuppa tea, get stuck in and enjoy.

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