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Oh Hey, I'm Emily

Welcome to my online scrapbook documenting moments one day at a time.

A Lifestyle Blogger writing about a little bit of everything from where I explore, what I create and what I’ve learnt from a 20-something’s point of view- as I try to navigate through life.

You will see blog posts about Bullet Journaling, Artwork, Travel, Everyday Life & Advice.

If I'm not blogging you'll find me taking pictures, drawing, exploring new places or watching films with a cuppa tea.

I have seen so many creative people who have inspired me to believe in myself and share my opinions. I hope that this blog will help inspire you to keep sharing what you love to do no matter what.


Back in 2014, I decided to start a free Wordpress blog to write a diary about what I got up to in Romania when I volunteered with disadvantaged children, for a university trip. I continued to write about my university tips until I made the leap to Squarespace in 2017 to take this whole blogging thing seriously. I also found my love for the bullet journal, due to a hectic student life undertaking the PGCE. At first, I was too afraid to post the page layouts up here, but thankfully, they have quickly turned into my most viewed posts. 

I have been enthusiastic about art for as long as I can remember and had a bunch of artwork sitting around and wanted a space where I could feature them. I love putting art posts within a lifestyle topic (like I have done with this post, and this one and this one). 

Ever since I was gifted a DSLR camera for Christmas 2016 (by my family because I had been wanting one for forever-and I was probably driving them nuts) I have found a new hobby of landcape and macro photography. I hope to improve my skills and showcase some of my favourite pictures onto this blog. I am always taking photographs on holiday or days out, so I am hoping you will come explore with me on my many adventures.

I hope to keep growing this blog as I keep exploring new ideas and directions. Hopefully, I will inspire you to keep doing what you love too.



about me
about me
about me

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